About me:

I fell in love with photography after receiving a Fisher-Price camera for the holidays when I was 7. Probably to the dismay of my family and friends I could be found with a camera in hand ever since. Nowadays, you're most likely to see me camera in hand on one of the hiking trails in beautiful Sonoma County. I am always trying to capture the gorgeous scenery. Another passion of mine is chasing after birds, butterflies, bugs or whatever else happens to scurry across my path.​ 


When not behind the camera, I'm probably behind the computer going through the obscene amount of photos I've just taken. Or, perhaps researching the next spot I want to visit and photograph. (Feel free to send me suggestions!)

If you like my work, but don't see quite what you're looking for in my online store… let me know. I may just have that perfect photo in my archives; or, it can be the inspiration for my next adventure.

Thanks for looking!


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Look forward to hearing from you!